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Which creed fragrance to buy first?

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Hi guys

this is my first time buying a proper fragrance rather than the substandard mall muck.

I'm looking at Creed as a good starting point.
Green Irish Tweed as a first purchase??
I have a small 2ml sample of Royal Water, which is nice.


want to buy from the above site since they are having a 20% off sale.

what do u guys think???
Also where can i get Musc Ravageur for discount online?
or should i just get this..

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IMO, there are fragrance houses that would be better than Creed. I'm thinking especially of L'Artisan Parfumeur and Diptyque, who make some very high quality, reasonably priced scents.

But if you're committed to Creed, GIT wouldn't be a bad choice. Other possibilities would be Millesime Imperiale, Tabarome, and Aventus. All of these are good and wearable in a wide variety of settings.
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Green Irish Tweed is my favorite Creed scent.

It's the only Creed fragrance (other than the impossible to find Vintage Tabarome) that I would consider a "must-have."

Bois du Portugal is also nice, as is Silver Mountain Water.
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Originally Posted by Kai View Post

Green Irish Tweed is my favorite Creed scent.


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You ought to give Silver Mountain Water a try.
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totally depends on your purpose, not to get all philisophical on you...

also your stats...

ie Bois Du Portugal is a great fragrance, for the right person... but if you're 20 in college and want to get laid, get Aventus. If you're 35, own a home and pay taxes, get BdP. If you wear shorts and a polo, buy Milliseme Imperial. If you wear dress shirts and chinos get Green Irish Tweed.

know what I'm sayin'?
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