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Winter coat question

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Hi all,

I'm writing to get people's opinion on two particular winter coats.
One of them is the Schott 740C peacoat -
and the other is this long military coat from Zara:

The price tag being roughly equal, do you think there will be much difference in how much warmer one is vs the other/the quality of it?
(I know both Zara and Schott coats should be decent.)

My dress style otherwise is mostly casual (jeans/khakis+shirts+sweaters+boots), age-wise I'm in my early twenties, so I think either should work fine...


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I much prefer the Schott Pea Coat.
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I prefer a longer coat so i'd go with the Zara coat.
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Both are rather limiting as to what you can wear with them. I would say the Zara coat is marginally more versatile - even though the buttons mean it will never be completely formal.

I suggest seriously looking around a bit more and thinking about what you would like - an overcoat should be a once off purchase and then forgotten about for several years. For this you need something very versatile and arguably to up your budget.

As for a coat that would breach both the casual and formal spectrums, I would suggest a slim fit navy blue covert coat or a dark coloured polo coat.
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Hmm, Ich_Dien, would you say this JCrew topcoat is along the lines of your advice:
I kinda like this in charcoal, though it seems to me the Zara looks heavier/warmer...
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It's a lot more versatile - yes. However I really think dark blue is better for both daytime and evening wear. However get the colour that most compliments the rest of your wardrobe.
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