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Hi all, you all seem to be well traveled and have great advice in this department, so I am hoping you can help me out. I am planning my honeymoon for late April/early May, and have booked London for 5 days and Paris for 5 days. We picked this as these are two cities we want to visit. We mostly travel for good food and good shopping, as well as to relax and have a nice time. We don't necessarily like to just sit on a beach and do nothing, we like to have things to do.

We recently thought of switching the London portion of the trip out for somewhere else like Barcelona. The food in London isn't rubbing my wife the best way, and I wanted to get your opinions on either a) great places to eat in London that aren't necessarily classic British food, and b) is Barcelona a better choice, and what things are there to do in Barcelona.

Thanks in advance.