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After some looking and searching on the watchnet site, several other things come to mind.   I like the fact that this forum is rather "personal" the sense that over time (and between posts/readings) you get an "idea" of the people on here.  (For instance...I know that so-and-so does more street/casual wear and that so-and-so does more of the Kiton/Brioni conservative thing, per se.  Furthermore, I know that x lives in nyc and prefers store-Y over Century 21.  Also, that z is in college and likes this brand because its affordable and good quality. I relate to them and enjoy their posts because Im also in college and live in nyc.)  It would definitely change if we open a for sale category with open access. But yeah, one gets used-to and expects posts/replies from certain people, while establishing a rapport with all regular members. It's like a small neighborhood-community place.  And yes...though the site is not flooded with posts, I prefer it this way, unlike other forums I frequent. This site is my secret, and though Im rather new...I pay special attention and comment when I can. (I can't wait until I graduate and start making 6-figure salaries.)  =]  I don't think it would be the same with 1000 of other members. Im afraid it would get cluttered, with random people registering simply to "get rid" of something. This would open the lid for scam-like behavior, too. Though there are some nice deals on watchnet, there are way TOO many sellers.  Whom could I trust there?  Also...Im no would I know if I was purchasing authentic or not? I wouldn't want the same to happen here.
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Steve, Thanks for looking into this, it would be awesome if we could get it to work. You are right, a seperate category would be a lot better (it would reduce 'clutter' and make the organization -- shoes, shirts, suits --much easier). Eric, You are the exact same size as me (40R, 31-32W/32L)...same name too. I should have a few things you may be interested in. What size shirt do you normally take?
I would trust someone here 100-times more than someone on ebay.
Definately. The concern that people could just register here to sell something, or that scams could take place is easily solved. Only choose to buy from established members, rather than people that just started posting here and start selling things that are too good to be true. Steve, If you open a new category, is there a way that you can have it only accessable to certain members? Could you make it so that members have to contact you and you give them permission in order to use that feature? This could solve the problem of the boards becoming flooded with new people, or people looking to use our forum for the single purpose of selling things. You could have some system of whom to allow, maybe the current members would be allowed access, and in the future new members would have to be members for a certain period of time (establish themselves as participating members of the forum) before this feature is 'unlocked'. Thanks for all the replies, I'm glad to see other people think this is a good idea. -Eric
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The watch sites do this by having the listings automatically expire after 7 days; further, each listing is a separate thread, to which the seller can add "SOLD" when the item is no longer available.
That would work. A simpler way would be for the seller to edit his original post when the item sells - replacing the text with "sold"
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Versace...? Who are you asking? I'm also an Eric. Size 40R. 32/32 pants, also. 15.5/33 shirts. =]
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Versace...?  Who are you asking? I'm also an Eric. Size 40R. 32/32 pants, also. 15.5/33 shirts. =]
I was speaking to the poster whose user name is "Eric". Wow, a lot of Erics here with the same measurments.
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i like the idea too. what does h.o.f. stand for?
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Hall of Fame
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let's just make it a poll question.  If everyone thinks it's a good Idea to make it a hof category then let's do it.  Personally I am HIGHLY in favor of it.  Not because I want to sell anything, but as a law student on a tight budget I'd love to get some great deals.
This is one of the reasons I wanted to get this set up. Oh, and if this goes through, here are the things I would like to try and sell: -E. Zegna dress shirt, 17.5 - 34/35, cream color with thin vertical stripes in light and dark blue. Bought on ebay as "New" but doesn't fit me. Does not have tags, so I am selling as "used". -E. Zegna Dress shirt, 17.5-36, shiny light blue with a great texture, french cuffs. -Armani Collezioni dress shirt, 15.5 - 34/35, white with a tiny windowpane plaid design in black/gray/blue. -Armani Collezioni dress shirt, 15 - 34/35, beige with a micro waffle-type weave -Toscano Mock-Turtleneck sweater, light creamy tan, extremely soft, made in Italy, size L, 60% cotton, 40% rayon. -Kevoman thin 100% silk sweater, 4-ply, size M, mock-turtleneck, mottled black and gray color -Burberry Suit, Double Breasted, Black, 40R, pants approx. 32/30 (can be let out) -Hugo Boss suit, White Label, Gray (made up of a black and white weave so it appears gray, not sure what that is called), 42R, pants approx. 34/34, 2-button single breasted. -Burberry Sport Coat, medium gray with herring-bone pattern, 2-button, single-breasted, approx. 40R...maybe 41R -Zanella trousers, either 33/34 or 34/33 (can't remember), darker tan with a great texture, wool with nylon I think, lined and look great. These are possibilities: - Hugo Boss black label long sleeve polo, medium warm gray, size L, embroidery on left chest. - Kenneth Cole NY poly/spandex long sleeve v-neck shirt, size M, silvery-gray, shiny and metallic looking club shirt, very cool. - *Vintage shirt*, tan with thin white stripes, darker tan stripes, and thin light blue stripes, 15.5 - 32/33, Hennessey brand, perfect slim fit - *Vintage shirt*, cream base with great pattern of vertical stripes, Hennessey Brand, 15.5 - 34, perfect slim fit, Hennessey brand All these goods are in top condition - no holes, stains, tears, etc. (with the exception of the vintage shirts, I believe they may have a small pinhole each). Didn't mean to sell anything right now, just let people know what I have to sell in case this goes through.
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So, any further word on to whether or not this will work?
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I haven't heard anything back from J, so I'll set it up over the weekend. I suspect today might be his birthday...
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Alright, thanks a lot Steve, I am really looking forward to this. It sounds like a good way for a strapped-for-cash college student like me to make some extra money and to pick up some nice things at a good price. -Eric
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OK- here it is. Now everybody play nice, OK?
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Perfect, thanks Steve.  The items in my previous post are officially up for sale, let me know if you are interested in any and I will get pics up.  Steve, would it be ok to post pictures (don't want to chew up all the bandwidth) and if so, what is the limit?  I try to keep my picture file sizes small (20-40k) so they load faster on slow connections anyway.   If anyone is interested in the Zegna dress shirt (white with light and dark blue thin vertical stripes) I mentioned earlier I have pictures right away. One more suggestion: Since ebay works well in part because of it's feedback system, maybe we could devote a thread to comments on sellers and transactions?  Since we are all gentlemen on these boards, I am sure the comments would all be positive and there wouldn't be negative sales, but it could help re-enforce things. Contact me at
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Let's start with it being OK to post pictures, and see what happens...
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