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Charvet shirt with puncture marks from Bergdorf Goodman

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I just bought a Charvet dress shirt from the mini-boutique in Bergdorf Goodman, and it looks like there are little puncture points around the shoulder areas. Both shoulders have them, on both sides (front and back), and while they're covered by a jacket, are pretty apparent and noticeable without one (I frequently take my jacket off). I'm pretty sure the salesman just took the shirt out of the plastic for me, so it probably wasn't ever tried on before. I assume the marks/tiny holes are from those toothed plastic clips used to keep the shirt folded. Do those things always create a problem, and if so, when you guys buy shirts (I know they do this at Turnbull & Asser as well) do you just ignore this? Would those puncture points potentially cause loose threading when I wash the shirt? There is also what looks like a line of dirt along one of the folded creases from the shirt being folded. Should I return it or am I just being obsessive about small imperfections on a new shirt?


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no one has had this problem before...?

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post pics - I want to see how noticeable it is.
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have you washed the shirt yet?

might just be pin holes that will wash out.
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no camera at the moment except for photobooth, which wouldn't do the trick.. and yes, they are a few tiny pinholes. haven't washed the shirt yet, but how would they wash out? because the shirt will shrink a little? If so, that works for me.. Also, the tag says machine wash WARM.. 100% cotton. I've only ever washed my shirts with cold water before, so I'm reluctant.. I assume the tag wouldn't say wash warm if it would do damage to the shirt in the long-run, right? and if that's the case, why would Charvet shirts be less susceptible to wear from warm water than other shirts? Lastly, I usually hand-wash in a large bucket.. I don't have a washing machine, and the laundromat across from the building only has front loader machines with one uniform speed setting (no delicate cycle), so would it still be okay to wash my shirt in their machines? I'm a little scared to... Thanks again

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You buy Charvet shirts and use a laundromat? Nothing personal, I used a laundromat for years, but wasn't spending as much on my shirts then. As stated above, if they are smalll holes and there is no tearing, then the fabric will relax and the holes will disappear. I have never heard of holes as you describe in the shoulder, though. Odd.
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Magic trick:

Just put your finger on the underside of the shirt, and scratch at the hole. It will disappear.
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unfortunately the trick didn't work with scratching the underside.


I actually used to take my shirts to The Laundress in Chelsea.. $15 per shirt— hand washed with an environmentally friendly unscented detergent/line dry/hand iron.. I think when I went there it was $12, but still ridiculously expensive. I bought a Brabantia board and Rowenta iron and started putting my shirts in the machine at my old apartment building.. I've since moved into a building with no tenant machine and have been hand washing my shirts since (I think I edited that into my original post before you commented), but for the sake of loosening up the fabric I asked about the laundromat machine because I'm not sure if a gentle handwash would do the trick, and I don't want to iron those pinholes or threads in before they come out. The laundromat is also right across the street from my apartment, and I go there anyway to do all of my normal laundry.


As far as the holes go, it is pretty odd.. Also odd about the dirt streak when it was supposedly just unwrapped from the plastic. I'm going to hopefully find time to drop by tomorrow before BG closes and see if all of the shirts have those marks around the shoulder.. I'll report back to you guys.


edit: I think they probably put the forked clips around the shoulders as opposed to the waist (where they put them on the Turnbull shirts) because the cloth on the shoulders is thicker than it is on the rest of the shirt.




EDIT 2: just pinholes, but there are a whole bunch so they may have taken the pins out for someone to try on the shirt at one point and then inserted them again in a different spot. as far as the dirt stain they'll let me wash the shirt and if it doesn't come out return it. 

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