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Harris Tweed DB Shawl Collar Odd Jacket?

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Am I nuts for even considering this?

Recently saw someone in Tokyo (wish I had a pic) wearing one and it looking amazing.
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I would imagine that if you lived and/or worked in Tokyo you could get away with it quite easily.  However, in more traditionally Eurocentric, especially Anglocentric places, you would indeed be considered nutz.

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Yes edit: as in yes, you are nuts for considering it. I wouldnt do a heavy tweed in a DB, I think DBs work better as suits or with casual, light weight sportcoats. Add the shawl into the equation and you are really verging on farce.
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I could see double breasted being useful around town. For many, not worth $1000+ to make it though.
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Men in Tokyo are way more stylish than anywhere in the world.
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Taking a cue from the Japanese has it's ups and downs, and I'm not talking about the ubiquitous 3-button, crooked-cut black suits.  My boss didn't seem to mind my sumptuous dragonfly kimono, handsome straw rain cape and tall wooden samurai mud clogs, but immediately balked at my katana & wakizashi swords.  Then again he's a sartorial idiot who coudln't accessorize his way out of a Mongolian yurt. 


I should have first softened him up with a tweed double breasted shawl collar jacket.  Then he probably wouldn't have blanched so much at the fine cutlery. Next up, my shinobi ninja night suit goes into the weekly rotation.  Whoever keeps leaving half a cup of coffee to scorch instead of making a fresh pot gets a star shuriken in the ass.  I'm looking at you, Chad from Client Liason & Services.

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It is pretty unusual, so I would wait for a month or two and think about it before doing it.

That said, if you want to get one, go for it, and don't worry about "getting away with it". If you walk around furtively in it like you've just left a floater in the office bathroom and are hoping no one notices, it will be ridiculous. Wear it proudly, as if it's the most natural thing in the world to be wearing, and it will be easier for everyone involved.
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Personally - no

However, it depends on how many jackets (and tweed jackets) you have in rotation.
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Thanks for the comments.

After giving it some more thought, I've decided to order a Harris Tweed to resemble the Cifonelli below (only change: barchetta breast pocket instead of a bellows).

I have 12 bespoke odd jackets, so am ready for something a bit different. Upon reflection, the DB shawl may just be a bit too quirky, but I think the Cifo design below will look quite good:

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i like that a lot (although i wouldn't go for that colour). but then i come from a more SW&D perspective. what will you be wearing with it?
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Originally Posted by robinsongreen68 View Post

i like that a lot (although i wouldn't go for that colour). but then i come from a more SW&D perspective. what will you be wearing with it?

Thanks - the jacket above is a Cifonelli jacket made from Yak's wool. I'll be using a brown herringbone Harris, but the design elements will be similar.

I envision the end product to be a bit more flexible in use than a standard odd jacket - pair it with jeans over the weekend, layer with a cardigan and use as a car coat buttoned up (its a 19oz. Harris), etc.
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sounds great, and very versatile.
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I think that a DB would be too much, but how about a SB?

A picture to illustrate:

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Random thoughts
The more I look at the Cifonelli the less appealing it becomes. It's rather a mish mash of ideas. The lapel collar shape is unique but constructed the same as a shawl in that there isn't a separate collar, the collar and lapel are one piece. Have seen this shape and concept more in ladies jackets. The shoulder structure, styling, cloth, color all look at odds with each other to my eye. Sort of safari jacket meets contemporary sports wear.
The pockets aren't bellows pockets, just patch with inverted pleat and flaps to button. Changing to a breast welt would extend the mish mash styling.

If you want a 19 ounce versatile jacket, consider having a shirt jacket made, unstructured, unlined with these pockets, maybe with a shirt style collar. Very easy piece to wear, very versatile.

If you like this Cifonelli, make it as is but continue the styling on the back with an inverted pleat in the back, single kick pleat vent rather than side vents maybe a loose belt. I

n 19 ounce cloth it will wear pretty heavy. Will double as outerwear.
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Chris - thanks for your thoughts. Do you think a pocket like the Cifo coat will not be a bit bulky at the breast (particularly with a 19oz. cloth)?
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