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Custom/Bespoke "Western Style" Boots

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I have an outfit that needs a pair of top notch Western style boots.  They don't have to be cowboy boots per se, but they should be "Western" influenced.  I am thinking that perhaps a really good Italian shoemaker has done this a time or two.  I suppose they don't have to be bespoke, but I want a blend of the best continental shoemaking tradition (e.g., Lobb, Berluti, et al.) with the U.S. Western style influence (almost a contradiction in terms, but not quite).  Anyone have any suggestions ?

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Why ask an italian or british shoemaker to do something that is not in their tradition? Bound to go wrong.

I'd go for the best original stuff you can find. See here:


I usually wear british or hungarian shoes. But I like cowboy boots if they're made well. These are.


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^Those are some really nice boots. All rtw and mto, though, no?

For truly custom boots, I would go DW Frommer, often thought of as the world's best custom cowboy boot maker:


He's a member here (DWFII) and has posted some gorgeous examples of his work not on his website. In his semi-retirement, he's been making men's dress shoes, but his real forte is cowboy boots.
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Thank you both for these excellent replies.  If anyone else knows of a good maker, please let me know.

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