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Pendleton Pro Models
Red Python Pro Models
Hey everyone,
My name is Jake, I just wanted to take the time to finally introduce myself, as well as my brand, to the StyleForum community.  I've been customizing sneakers since I was 16 (21 now, so I've got a solid 5 years of experience).  My most recognizable work was probably the Jet Life Blazes that Curren$y got a pair of, and more recently the all red Python adidas Pro Models.  I also do the custom hats (snakeskin, Hermes, LV, etc).  I do all of Tyga's snakeskin hats, and have been doing those since last summer.  Most recently I have begun to do apparel, namely Tees and hoodies.   
You can [url=]visit my shop here[/url] I'd love to hear your opinion on the work.  And don't say expensive... I know that already.  And it's worth every penny for the quality of the materials and craftsmanship.
Black LV Nets Hat
Black Croc Strip Tee
Jet Life Blazer (II)
White Snake Jets Hat
Natural Snake Nets Strapback