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BB can be considered solid, but only in certain offerings. Personally I only buy their heavy cotton classic button-down oxford shirts that are made in the USA. Their BB Golden Fleece sea island cotton spread collar French cuffed slim-fit dress shirts, spendy but I really like them and they're available across the country. I really like their Sevenfold Golden Fleece ties, they are a niche item but I've been able to find them infrequently on eBay at good prices. I concede that their underwear are pretty much crap, except for the French tie-back underwear which is a style they've had since the beginning of the 20th century. I've got a couple of Golden Fleece Madison cut suits in the rotation, but I've since graduated to Martin Greenfield suits from New York.
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Just received one of my two Golden Fleece Sea Island Cotton dress shirts. It's really more beautiful even in the bag than any photo can show. I highly reccomend getting some BB Sea Island cotton dress shirts while they're on sale.
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The quality has changed quite a bit over the years. I have several vintage pieces that are head and shoulders above the modern stuff. That being said, I am a huge fan of the button down shirts. I have some that are heavy cotton, some that are their standard material, two of the Gatsby OCBD shirts that were released a while back. I believe the shirts might be their best deal/quality pieces

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Been shopping at Brooks for 35 years. In the old days I could walk in and be willing to buy anything. Now you have to sort through lots of junk. But some things are still just fine: Alden shell shoes, Green shoes (back after 30 years, but alas overpriced), made-in-US shirts, sized socks made in England, Sea Island cotton underwear made in Germany (best in the world I say, and I do have lots of Zimmerli. In fact I got Kabbaz to get Zimmerli to make Sea Island cotton underwear in response.) The "natural craftsmanship" line introduced this Christmas had some very nice stuff. Southwick (now owned by Brooks) suits are fine.

On the other side of the ledger: lots of cheap crap made in China like Red Fleece, and Black Fleece (mostly high quality and mostly weird). The Italian owners have done an OK job; they brought lots of capital and some flair. The variety of goods now is amazing; I would say none better anywhere. The old store probably could not have survived today. There has been an effort to bifurcate or broaden the merchandising. Stuff to appeal to the JCrew crowd and to the old liners. How many Style Forumites would shop at the old store brought forward? Much as I wish it weren't true, the store had to change.
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Originally Posted by Marc Voorhees View Post

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The quality has changed quite a bit over the years. I have several vintage pieces that are head and shoulders above the modern stuff. That being said, I am a huge fan of the button down shirts. I have some that are heavy cotton, some that are their standard material, two of the Gatsby OCBD shirts that were released a while back.
I believe the shirts might be their best deal/quality pieces
I too like the BB button-down heavy cotton "Made in the USA" dress shirts. Change is inevitable in both life and commerce.
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89826, I agree with you about the quality of BB merchandise being kind of all over the map. One definitely has to choose carefully. Other than having to buy a one off item for a unexpected occasion I prefer to wait for the sales. I'm a big fan of Alden shell cordovan shoes. Their profile works well with BB Madison cut suit esthetic and my late twentieth century sense of style. I wasn't sure about the BB sea island cotton underwear. Maybe I'll give them a try if what you say about their quality is true. Do you have a preference to which style of bundies are better, or doesn't it matter? Full undershirts v. sleeveless or v-necks? Personally I like boxers.
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Spiff, you are absolutely right. You would be crazy to ever pay full price these days; there are sales all the time. Not so before. Plus there is the AAAC 15% corporate discount all the time on everything.

I have t shirts (around 50, crew and v neck) and just one pair of briefs. Bought them as an experiment; boxers only since college. Briefs are dynamite too, but they are briefs. No sleeveless afaik.
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89826, thanks for the insight. I just found this on eBay. It's a BBGF 7 fold burgundy/merlot tie that I probably payed too much for, also I'm a sucker for anything purple. The retail prices can go up to $200.00 per tie. I payed $60.00. I just really like the sevenfold ties heft and the way they take a knot, be it a half or full Windsor or the simple wraparound which is very popular right now. Have you ever seen the BB sea island cotton underwear on sale?
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Originally Posted by Poloboy View Post

The merchandise they sell today is no where close to the quality of 30 years ago.

Well I cannot comment on the quality of their clothing 30 years ago since I did not wear too often a sports coat or suit as a toddler. However, I have to say that I purchased quite a bit at Brooks Brothers between 2008 and 2012 and indeed I would say that their have been hits and misses when it comes to quality

1) Suits and sports jackets: I bought 3 1818 suits (all made in the USA) and 3 sports jackets (made in Italy and made in Thailand). All are half canvassed, made from decent fabrics (not special, but OK) and they held up very well over the years. All in all, there is nothing to complain about these suits running at ~$1000 / sports jackets running at ~$500-700 especially since everybody can get the corporate card discount of 15% at anytime. I could not come up with many half-canvassed alternatives at this price point. This being said, I would avoid striped BB suits since the pattern matching is terrible. There is no question that there are much better suits, but not at this price point.

2) Made-in-USA shirts: Here I had a very bad experience with new items having damages (holes)...would never buy them again. I think that they are completely overpriced for what you get.

3) Made-in-Malaysia non-iron shirts: Had a few and they held up well, but I am in general not a fan of non-iron fabrics, so I just keep two for emergencies.

4) Ties: I had one repp tie and was completely unhappy with the material, which lacked substance and showed wear quite quickly

5) Polo shirts: Not spectacular, but certainly not worse than the ones of Ralph Lauren and Lacoste

6) Chinos: No issues here - they hold up very well

7) Dress trousers: I had no issues with the Brooks Brothers gabardine dress trousers, but their flannel trousers did not hold out very well unfortunately.

P.S.: Poloboy - are you actually feeling OK? Considering the amount of double-spaced angry threads you started I am getting a bit worried about you.
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Spiff, it is most of the time part of their storewide sales, which happen all the time now. Have seen it as much as 50% off. Like the recent 40% + 15% kicker deal.
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89826, thanks for the info sir.
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Nice tie at a good price.
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Thanks 89826. It's a nice tie if you think $60.00 for a rag wrapped around your neck is good value for money. Lol.
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I bought four pairs of Brooks Brothers pants in February of 2014. After wearing each pain two or three times the seams came undone. The hem also came undone. Each pair cost $ 160. I argued that there was a manufacturing defect with the seams but they refused to refund me. I think Broke Brothers is committing marketing suicide. Selling this kind of lemons at $ 160.00 apiece people will shop there only once. I will NEVER shop there again. They are not a brand for the serious professional or for the elite, it's a rip-off.

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The seams on their pants come undone after wearing the pants just two or three times. And the pants cost more than $ 160.00. Not for the serious professional or for the elite. I think they are committing marketing suicide. Which fool is going to return to their store after being sold clothes that fall part after wearing them a couple of times! They are great innovators! They have invented disposable clothes!

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