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Buying Rimowa in Japan

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Well it's ubiquitous here, and that combined with the haul that I want to bring home has led me to give in to my urge for an aluminium case.

Is there any price variation between different stores, or am I going to overpay regardless?

I'm thinking one of the mid-sized Topas four-wheelers. In Kyoto today but heading to Osaka tomorrow then Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Kagoshima. The sooner the better, but I'll hold out if I can save a bit.

Domo arigato gozaimasu for your assistance!
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They're usually cheaper if you buy them online (as compared to buying them at a B&M store). Try Rakuten and just have it delivered to one of your destinations. It'll be cheaper by at least 50-100$.

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Prices in Japan are quite fixed. There isn't much difference no matter which shop you go to. Unless the shop is having a sale, of course.


If you can wait, try ordering from Germany. It will save you a lot of money.

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Rimowas are incredibly overpriced in Japan, the prices are unreal if you do the exchange rate and then compare to Euro prices; if it's just about buying it as a status item, things like that in Japan stayed fixed and there aren't really any deals on them.

I say if you just want plastic roller that looks clean, Muji has some good ones. I have 3 identical ones; I've put 50,000 miles on one in this year alone and it still works great, looks great. 20,000Y
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As a cheaper option, have you considered the polycarbonate Rimowa range? You can get cases in black and in a range of eyecatching colours and I assume that they are quite a bit cheaper than the aluminium Rimowa cases.

Also, I've heard that the aluminium cases dent and scratch pretty easily, so the polycarbonate is most likely a more practical option, as well as being cheaper.

As you've noted, it's ubiquitous in Japan, so you should be able to pick some up in many of the large department stores or in Tokyu Hands (luggage is "nimotsu"' by the way, or "suutsukeesu").
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Thanks chaps. I had initially planned to get something from Muji, but was a bit underwhelmed when I saw them in the flesh. Also, the model I would have gotten would have cost some $200, and I got to thinking that I should just spend the extra money and get what I actually want. In other words, the classic SF justification for spending a lot on something. Plus, it will last a very very long time.

I thought about Rakuten, bit I'm moving around enough that it's hard to predict where I'll be. I feel like the money saved on seeing a doctor for my back will probably justfify the expenditure!
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Hey! This is a bit off topic though, but I must recommend if you're still in Japan, and even better, in Fukuoka, you'll have to try the ramen there. If you not already have. Hakata ramen is the best there is. Just a cultural recommendation for you;) Hope you're enjoying your time there.

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I use the Rimowa Topas, and I wouldn't buy it from Japan. Heck, I wouldn't buy anything from Japan. $$$. Well, except for the sushi and sashimi.
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