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Incredible shoe deals

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If you wear a US size 12 medium then this is your day. I just listed three great pairs of shoes on ebay: Santoni Whole-cut (their best) Edward Green/Purple Label boots Crockett & Jones Handgrade/Purple Label black monkstraps I will also be listing a great pair of Harris (Firenze) loafers later this evening.
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Pity the Santoni's didn't fit you. Very very nice, and it seems as if they are "Bentivegna".
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Yep, I had to put them through my 12-step "admit they don't fit" process. The steps: 1) Acquire an incredible pair of shoes for next-to-nothing 2) When they arrive, try them on and discover they are a "bit tight" 3) Remove shoes and massage the blood back into feet 4) Put them up on a shelf and admire them for several weeks 5) First grains of doubt appear 6) Wear shoes around house for short periods, hoping they will get more comfortable 7) Enjoy sweet denial for several more weeks 8) Repeat "breaking in process" 6) Jump up and down to get feeling back into feet after removing shoes (while experiencing the distinct sensation of landing on needles.) 7) Encounter some financial difficulties (usually brought on by appearance of an American Express bill) 8) Realize that if you must part with a pair from your precious shoe-collection, it might as well be the ones you aren't likely to be able to wear for more than an hour at a time. 9) Put shoes on ebay 10) Fight back a solitary tear as you pack them up and send them off to their new home 11) Find solace in twice-daily searches for new shoes on ebay 12) Repeat  
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That was the best laugh I've had in this forum.. Absolutly killer.. You should put that up in the "Men's Clothing" forum, in the section "how to measure for ebay".. I really am sorry that those did not fit you since the Santoni's are really nice.
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I believe Mr. Harris has a future as a writer...
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