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recommendation for peacoat tailors in Hong Kong

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Hi people,


I will be traveling to Hong Kong for a short business trip, and I would like to have my long peacoat made similar to the attachment. I know that not all the tailors made this kind of peacoat, and also my time in Hong Kong is limited.  Can you guys recommend some tailors to me that do make such kind of peacoat with quality?


Many thanks!!






Sample long coat.jpg 37k .jpg file
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hi richard927,


how long is your business trip in HK, and how much are you looking to spend?


this will help decide on which tailor you should visit.





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Well my schedule is a bit complicated. My business trip is a two weeks trip in China.  I am just using my transfer time between flights (approx. several hours) in Hong Kong to have my coat made.  My plan is to do measurement, fabric selection, and design on the first day when I arrive HK, and pick it up when I finish my business trip.  With that being said,  I do not have much concern for the tailor to make the coat, however, my concern is if the tailor can do the fitting and re-tailor in several hours when I pick up my coat before I have to catch my return flight.  


I am looking at something around HKD 4000.  I do not need those high-end fabric for my coat, some medium fabric with good durability will do. However, I do pay a lot of attention on the style.  I am expecting the tailor to fabricate my coat according to what I told/show him. (Yes the tailor will be looking at a lot of pictures)  


I will prefer my coat for more casual use (dress up or dress down) rather than formal use.  So I am thinking a tailor with a younger mentality will be easier to communicate for what I need? 

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If you want Korean fashion look, just buy from eBay; there're plenty of Korean eBay sellers (that orders/sources good from Dongguan, China).

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I don't think any place can product a tailor made coat at HKD4000, this is not in the 70s
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I would try Hemrajani Brothers.
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