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Removing Wax Polish from Boots

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I recently used some Kiwi shoe polish on a pair of leather wingtip boots. It was a bit difficult to buff out, and it seems to be scuffing easily. I want to use a cream-based polish but I'm not sure what to do about the existing wax polish. I was told that a cream + a buff would take off the wax polish. If so, are there any creams you would recommend? If not, what should I do? 

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Any pics?


If the boots are made of a waxy leather, using wax polish on them can be a bit of a pointless exercise as the finish will end up 'smearing', especially if they've been bulled to a mirror shine - does this sound like what's happening to you?


If you really want to remove the polish to start anew, run them under hot water to loosen the polish and use a little saddle soap to get it off. Give the leather a good feed afterwards as the soap will dry it out.

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Are the boots made of Chromexal finished leather to begin with?
Acetone on some terrycloth (applied sparingly. wear ruber gloves-work outdoors) will remove it but it must be done carefully. Too may passes over the leather will strip its finish beyond the wax. Photos are a must.
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The leather is quite soft. The "broken in" appearance is intentional and they were comfortable right out of the box.









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Shameless bump!

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Thank you for providing the photos. Have you not tried the acetone yet? Nail polish remover (also acetone) will work too. Use a terry cloth. Wear rubber gloves. It takes all of 3 minutes. Also, for the future, I would recommend leather lotion once every 2 months or so. Cream polishes such as KIWI, Meltonian or Moneysworth are ok on these but need only be applied when the boots are geting ratty. Scrapes and scars are a part of leather life and add character to the leather so they are to be embraced. Avoid wax polishes altogether on these but if you insist, then restrict the use of wax polishes to the toe caps. Use a horsehair brush on them after each wearing after wiping with a damp cloth. Do not use a brush from your black shoes on these. You should have several brushes, each dedicated to its own colour usage. You really don't need polish on these except for the toe areas and only from time to time.
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