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Summer Wedding Styling Suggestions

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Hey everyone,


This is my first post on the forums, and I've only become interested in suits after my fiance tasked me with coming up with an outfit for myself, as well as for my groomsmen. Our wedding is set for next June in Seattle, WA at a barn.


Anyhow, I need a suit! (My fiance prefers a three-piece suit, but I'm open to going with or without the vest.) After going to a ton of weddings this past year and seeing outfits of black and gray suits, I wanted to go with a khaki suit. I like the texture that linen has.. but I'm pretty open to all suggestions! The next thing to note is that I already bought my shoes, and they are definitely casual! (Many of you may think that that it's a dumb idea.. but if you do, sorry. I don't really care to hear comments related to them! It's already been decided.)




So with that, any suggestions would help. Our budget is around 600-700 after tailoring/alterations. Any help would be great! And if you have a suit you're looking to sell that will be a good match for this, I'm interested!


I'm not sure of my exact measurements since this is my first suit purchase. My off the rack sizing would be:



Height: 5'8"

Weight: 145 lbs

Suit: 36R (may need alterations)

Shirt: 14.5, 32/33

Pants: 29 x 29


Thanks all and I look forward to the dialog to come!

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I am willing to bet that 99% of the forum is going to tell you that your shoes are disgusting. Are you trying to go for a hipster wedding? Maybe you should go with ironical tuxedo t-shirt and khaki shorts.rotflmao.gif


Why are you posting on the forum if you've already decided that you're not going to listen to anyone? 

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Wear tan loafers.
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Well, the "set" attitude is just on the subject of the shoes. Not sure if you read that. Since your comment was merely a snide remark looking for laughs and a pat on the back, I won't respond to you anymore.nod[1].gif 


However, if there are other forum members who are interested in advising, that would be a different story.


I'm coming from a fairly casual perspective here and I'm looking for a less formal wedding. I do dress up on occasion, but this is one time where I purposely want to dress down and have our wedding be relaxed and informal. I'm going for the fun, relaxed look for myself and my groomsmen. My fiance and I have been to a few weddings and seen lots of wedding photos where the groom and his groomsmen looked more fun and chill by dressing a little more casual. So that's something we are looking into more.


So, I hope all you great stylists can understand where I'm coming from and any advice, not rudeness, would be much appreciated, especially for first suit purchasing, material, and color matching.

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Shoes are horrible. Buy something that you can wear more than once.....
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Not trying to be mean, but if you're wearing those shoes then you're so far outside of classic men's clothing that the aesthetic of this forum is unlikely to appeal to you. Maybe try posting in the streetwise and denim sub-forum?
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I would wear them casually without a suit though. With jeans or something. 

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That is great advice. I appreciate the courtesy! I will do that.

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Originally Posted by mienime2488 View Post

I would wear them casually without a suit though. With jeans or something. 

to an ugly sneaker contest???
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