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What could be the next big opportunity?

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After the technology (including social networking, facebook all those) evolution, what may be the next big business wave which may impact consumers behavior/pattern?

  1. Food & Agriculture (it started many years ago)
  2. Entertainment/Games
  3. Precious Metal/Limited Natural Resources Investment (already happened)
  4. Property Investment (recovering after the bubble burst...) 
  5. Augmented Reality (Technology)
  6. Arts/Design/Style
  7. Education
  8. Manufacturing
  9. Handmade Craft
  10. etc


I'm a 24 years old IT graduate. I have limited knowledge and exposure on business. Appreciate if anyone could share their thought or experience on this topic. smile.gif

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We're going to have an explosion of old people shortly. Health Care would be where to look, although since it appears the federal government is taking steps to virtually nationalize the industry I don't know that I'd be willing to invest.

While energy is in the tank right now I would not be surprised to see more movement in that direction as the government hands out more money to alternative energy producers.

I don't see manufacturing in the US making a comeback in the foreseeable future.

I would submit now would be the time to invest in property if you have the cash lying around because prices are great. But I expect it will be a long time before prices rise up to make the investment worth it.
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Very helpful reply. I agree that health care is something we should pay attention to. If we have enough cash flow and holding power, we could always consider getting a property if the price is great. :) I'm actually not from US, so investing in a foreign country always possess
higher risk.

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Emerging markets agriculture. China is eating itself into the Malthusian trap-- in response a couple of years ago, they tried to buy a chunk of the Brazilian interior the size of Texas.
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