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Suit for $1000 in bay area - Please help

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I've been lurking on these boards for a long time and have benefited a lot from the advice I've read on here, so thanks everyone in advance.


I'm a law student in the bay area and I need to start building a professional wardrobe.  Up until now, my previous jobs have not required me to wear a suit.  The only suits I've owned have been cheap Men's Warehouse suits that I purchased for around $150 to attend the rare event that required a suit.  I've put aside about a thousand dollars for my first quality suit and want to make sure that I get the best bang for my buck.  The $1000 will need to cover both the purchase and tailoring.


I'm looking to purchase a conservative cut, dark grey/charcoal, 2-button suit.  Apart from that, I really have no idea what I'm doing.


How much should I expect to pay for tailoring?

Given my budget, where should I start shopping?  Is Brooks Brothers a good place to look, they seem to have a good variety of suits in the $500-$1000 price range, or are there other brands that would be better to look at in that range?

As I am new to this, any advice is appreciated.

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Brooks Brothers has some good suits, Bloomingdales also. Tailoring should be free with purchase at either of those locations and at most reputable store fronts. Bloomingdales has some good Corneliani suits that are conservative. I myself have a one. Sacoor Brothers is on the lower end but their highest quality offerings are not bad and run a little less than $1000.

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If you truly want something that will serve you the best over the long haul, look for a Hickey Freeman on sale at Nordstrom (not Nordstrom Rack.) Make sure its the top end (which should retail for around $1500). Usually, on sale you have to pay for the tailoring but that's less than $100. You'll be saving $500-$600. They are good looking, long lasting, durable suits.
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Try the Hound on Sutter in San Francisco.
They have an excellent selection that tends toward the
tradional - Ivy derived style. Very experienced and
professional staff. Check them out for post holiday sale.
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Thanks for the suggestions.  you've given me some good places to start from.

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