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Website Ownership

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Anyone here using website ownership as either a part-time or full-time income generator?

As I'm going back to school I've been working hard studying this sort of thing and am trying out several ideas. Most content sites require very little financial investment - just a big time investment.
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I'm running my own website since few months ago. Although it is not earning much for now, I've hear people earning money/passive income through some affiliate programs. I'm not from US but I hosted my website with a US company (their servers are physically located at US). I only paid 3 USD per month for hosting services.

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It is very time intensive. I was told "you can't do it by yourself" when I set up my first website this year. (my very first website ever was in 2010 and that was an expensive mistake but valuable lesson).


Naturally, I had to make things harder on myself by setting up a network of two websites.


My only advice is you will need to stick to it with zero to little reward for (at the very minimum) the first three months. So if you want to make things easier on all the half-days you will be tempted to quit, make a content site that is based on something you're genuinely interested about and would be passionate to read yourself. You'll also want it to be something you would like to be seen doing in real life. No point being a different person on the internet.


Avoid these pitfalls and it makes it less likely to give up. You'll only see real passive earning income (and "passive" is a giant misnomer here given the time investment) 6 months to a year in on average. So find another reason to do it other than money.

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We are a start up company about fashion and we have to tell you running a company or e-commerce business is not easy task.  It is very time consuming and don't expect to make crazy money unless you have a lot of money to throw into marketing.  We have been working on building MRnearmint our company with a few other people as it is slow moving, but follow your passion and your dream will come true.  Don't follow the money because money you can always make but at the end of the day, do you enjoy what you actually really do?  Feel free to check out our site as we are about fashion "Style with Confidence."  We are looking to work with independent designers from all over the world to get their name out there and featured onto our website, feel free to share our page and like us on facebook at truly want to make an impact on the world wide web hopefully you all can read our About Us page and see how we came about as a company. What we have learned is you can never build a successful business on your own, you need good personnel.










Allen (Team MRnearmint 'Style with Confidence')

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Managing an online business definitely is time consuming, even though it requires very low cost to start up as compared to other kind of business. I run this website ( with my wife. I'm responsible to deal with our suppliers and she helps to choose and go through each of the products she like (jewelry, girls dress and other pretty stuff). I agree with Tiziani on his suggestion to choose web contents that related to your interest. Otherwise, it will be a real suffer. Like me, I like leather items, so I choose to have leather items on my website. 

After you have some traffic on your site, you may apply for g.adsense and affiliate program which can generate some side income. Hope to see your website soon. g.Luck. 

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Good luck to you and your wife, Gavin. I just followed some of your boards on pinterest considering they are actually directly related to our website at

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Tiziani, thanks. I like your website. It looks so clean and attractive. Do you design it yourself? 

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I appreciate the compliment. I have put a lot of work into customizing it but I can't take credit for the base design. Over 90% of it is probably still entirely how it came in the package from Vlad at Duotive.

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