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What to wear with tweed jacket?

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I've just bought an olive green tweed jacket and wanted ideas on what to wear with it. Not too formal but for nights down the pub etc. I was thinking a checked shirt and plain wool tie? Any help much appreciated, including photo ideas!

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Looking here might help: http://www.styleforum.net/t/317329/jrds-guide-to-coherent-sportcoat-combinations. If you haven't already, try skimming through the What Are You Wearing Now thread(s) for ideas.
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Taupe or tan Cavaly Twill trousers go with most tweed jackets.
I prefer a heavy twill because it'll hang well.
you can't go wrong with Cordings or the equivalent:

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Cords or moleskin trousers. It's all about texture. Avoid worsted at all cost.
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It depends on colour and texture of the tweed. If it's brownish I'd go with white/cream chinos of the like, brown/tan brogues and a shirt with light blue in it, might be large line checks or solid colour. I wouldn't wear a tie if it's a jacket only, maybe a suit, but I would go with a losely folded pocket square.

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GrassSnake, depends on the weight of the fabric. Heavyweights go better with heavy, casual trousers, lightweights with dressier ones.
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