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T shirt...

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I'm looking to get a t-shirt that I will wear everyday. I'll wear it under the sportcoat I was talking about in my other thread, or perhaps under my "Jailhouse Rock" sweater when it's cold out. I have a great leather jacket that I wear everyday as well. Since this t-shirt will be getting lots of use, I want to get one that's perfect. I'm thinking along the lines of something vintage... maybe an old rock shirt. The shirt will have to have a beat up look to it... if I buy it new, I'll just trash it and wash it many times to achieve the desired look. Other ideas are: space invaders logo (perhaps too geeky) guns and roses (too trashy) some cool skull design (same as above) cool writing I don't know... if you guys can think of anything or provide any examples it would be great. This is really important to me, so thanks in advance.
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Skull shirt, eh? How about a Misfits fiend skull shirt? (The classic black one is here.) Or how about a Diesel Sweeties skull shirt?
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First things first: don't wear the same t-shirt everyday. It'll get gross and people will notice you wear the same shirt everyday. T-shirts aren't that expensive so get a bunch. Samhain and Danzig have some cool skull designs here. Don't get a Misfits shirt as you'll look like a poser (unless you reeeeaaaally love the Misfits). Motorhead is even cooler. I've got this one with red text and wear it all the time and get compliments from lots of mullet-wearin cigarette-smokin metal-listenin dudes (as well as the occasional hot goth chick). Ratt is almost as cool as Motorhead. Radiohead is cooler than both. (talking about the shirts, of course) Space Invaders might be too geeky if you're too young to remember when it first came out. But I'm sure you remember NES. If you can find a genuine old Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt shirt, that would be killer. Thrift shops usually have some cool REAL vintage t's. Or you could get one made with whatever you want on it from one of those mall stores that do custom t-shirts. I've got a 'Mike Patton for Vice-President' shirt I ordered that compliments my buddy's 'Chino Moreno for President' shirt. And I've got one that says, in bold letters, "My girlfriend is out of town." ****If you buy new, don't get Hanes or Fruit of the Loom. They don't fit very well. Get a brand called Delta (it's pretty popular and shouldn't be hard to find). They're cut a little slimmer and feel softer and more broken-in.**** And, of course, it's infinitely cooler if you buy a size smaller than what your body dictates. Oh yeah, and that digital communist shirt on Nick's link is sick. I gotta get me one.
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i like the "jesus helps me trick people" shirt. you can get a retro soccer jersey at that has "cccp" on the front. it's 100% cotton and slightly thicker than a t-shirt. they are also available at some soccer shops. forgive me if i'm being a jerk today, but it seems to me that the whole "vintage t-shirt one or two sizes too small thing" has been hip for like ten years already (at least five). i can't count the number of atari shirts i've seen. maybe the fad will die when kids stop smoking pot.
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maybe the fad will die when kids stop smoking pot.
So you're saying never, right?
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Forget "vintage". Get the shirt of a band you actually like and listen to and have the album of. If you don't have the album, or don't know the artist, you would correctly be pegged a poseur. My favorites: Neko Case, (great nu-country) and The New Pornographers - a great live show, and besides, it is a lot of fun walking around with their name emblazoned across your chest.
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I agree with LA guy. If you're going to get a t-shirt with a logo, picture, or saying on it, make it something that you have some connection to or interest in. Here are some of my personal favorites:
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Awesome replies, thanks guys. On my way back from school today I picked up a vinatage CBGB's tee. It's my favorite rock club in the city, so I guess it does have some meaning. BTW... I love the Misfits and Motorhead rocks...
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In celebration of Ryan Adams' upcoming release on Nov. 4, I will be wearing my Ryan Adams Sucks Tshirt this weekend.
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