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used suits!

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good morning gentlemen!  i always get help here!  simple question;  used suits.


OK, i own ONE Oxxford suit.  i know the history, and quality. cannot afford them now.  on this forum, and elsewhere, like "an affordable wardrobe" you can buy used suits.  i am a simple size, should be easy enough.


is there any reason i should not buy used suits? insect pests?  could always dry clean.  one favorite thing i have is a Lock fedora from around the 1940's   i had it cleaned, came out like brand new.


any advice would be great!!  I am not a multi millionaire, used suits might be fantastic.



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Nothing wrong with used clothing as long as it looks good.

If you want to be fancy, the gussied-up term is "resale" or "vintage." Women have been buying "resale" and "vintage" for years.

With the concerns about bedbugs you have to be careful. If you have a reputable resale store in your area, patronize it. In the big cities there are vintage shows. Otherwise, buy from eBay only from reputable dealers.

Good luck.
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