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Originally Posted by phoenixrecon View Post

My guy does great hand sewn button holes for a very low price. He's a full spoke tailor in San Diego. Felice custom tailoring in La Jolla

OP: Is this helpful?
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Originally Posted by Zauberer View Post

Oh I agree with that.  A person can also glue and sew a rubber chicken to the shoulder of their jacket and call themselves 'Pirate Boy of the Water Cooler Despot Regime.'  People will notice this quickly.  Certain people will notice the alteration to the OTR jacket as well.  But do they care?  Does the wearer care?  Does anyone care what anyone cares?  The answer is a not so surprising 'yes' whether we like it or not and despite the American love of putting up a facade of individualism and bravado.  So for the person who does care in his private heart, he must decide who he is trying to affect and how he intends to do that.  This is a vast grey area and must be custom tailored to his own individual set of circumstances. 

As to noticing, and that may have been my main point in my post above, I saw James Bond Skyfall over the weekend with a friend of mine.  In the opening scene and only a few moments into the live action, Bond enters an apartment, gun drawn and you can clearly see he has a sleeve button undone.  I didn't cringe at the affectation, I cringed that the Bond franchise will sell the 'honor' of dressing Bond to the highest bidder.  In this case it was Tom Ford.  Then I wondered if Ford did this to piss off the people who would notice?  Did he do it in a seriously lame atttempt to get the "unbuttoned thing" going?  Or was it a wink and a private joke to those who notice and get the joke?  I don't know.  My friend didn't catch it at all, but I think he had more drinks than me prior to the show.  Speaking of which, I would have a beer with a guy who glued a rubber chicken to his jacket and called himself 'Pirate Boy' but if he expected to be first in line for the next big promotion, we'd both be in for a surprise.   

Ive read they changed from Brioni to Tom Ford at Daniel Craig's request, just like Brioni before them i don't think there was a bidding war for his suits
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^ +1 That's what I've heard too. I heard Craig and Ford are somewhat friends, too.
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Originally Posted by Zauberer View Post

Why wear a tie then?  It's not what's keeping your shirt collar closed.  If no one is going to see your underwear, why not go commando (like I am now).  However, it is easy to spot the difference between a jacket with working buttons and one that's without.  I don't spend a great deal of time scrutiinizing other men's suits, but plenty of details are going to jump out without me ticking through a mental check list like I would when (and this is the important distinction) dating a new girl.


All I really care about is whether or not the guy I'm dealing with is competent and cool, or an idiot and a prick.  I'm still going to know if he picked out a quality fabric and had his suit made for him or if he pulled if off a rack. Either way, 95% of the time he's an incompetent prick.

...this ^^^^ (minus the last part)


Originally Posted by Makoto Chan View Post

Functional buttons must be built into the suit - you can't sew them in. They're not made that way. Most off-the-rack suits (the vast majority) are made with non-functional buttons that cannot be altered.
It's nothing to worry about. Frankly you never, ever need to undo the buttons. (Unless you're a surgeon??) Selling off-the-rack suits with functional buttons is a pain in the ass, because it makes it much harder to adjust the sleeve length when the customer buys a suit that fits an inch long or short in the sleeves. Bespoke suits are different- they're made to fit one wearer, so they don't need to be altered.
But who needs to unbutton them, ever? Not you. Don't worry.

See below

Originally Posted by Marc Voorhees View Post

It is an affectation in ANY garment. As a number of people have mentioned, they aren't undone anyways,then wy have them at all? I have had them added to RTW BB jackets and they come out very nice and BB will do it for a not terrible cost of 12$ a button hole a will redo the lining properly

...for "stuntin'" on fools.

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Originally Posted by Zauberer View Post

I cringed that the Bond franchise will sell the 'honor' of dressing Bond to the highest bidder.   

LOL You must cringe a lot. The Bond people have been selling product placement for years. Every close up shot of the watch face, costs money and there have been a lot of watches over the years.


BOT I'm surprised at the amount of passion this subject is generating. Something can be done or not. We got to the moon, so I'm guessing this is within someone's grasp. At any rate, I'm not going to lose any sleep over what kind of buttons another guy has. If another guy chooses to have no buttons, I can live with it with total tolerance. In this matter, the Dali Lama will envy my tolerance. smile.gif
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