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Minneapolis dining & things to see

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Hey guys,

me and the lady will be in minneapolis on dec 9th for the bears game and would like to have a nice meal and maybe see a sight or two.  I'll take lunch and dinner recommendations.  I appreciate your feedback.  I've never been before.


Thanks in advance.

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There's an ongoing thread about MSP options. Take a gander.

Budget? Food preferences? Trendy clubs or traditional? Will you be limited to own own Minneapolis? How many days?
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thanks, for some reason i haven't figured out the search option here.


it'll be just saturday through monday, with sunday at the bears/vikings game.  so i suppose saturday and/or sunday night (if i don't get too drunk at the game). 


i'd just like a nice place to have a meal and a drink, not interested in "clubbing" or anything.  maybe a traditional dining place where i can dress nice.


we're driving up, so i'll have a car available to drive around if need be.

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Here are a few of the other threads:[]=10&output=all&search=minneapolis&action=disp

Loud atmosphere with hopping crowds... good food. Don't have to dress up but sportcoat and jeans would fit nicely. Big menu.

Bar Lurcat is the better side of the place for atmosphere. Very good food and drinks Masa is easy in and out, pretty good.
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112 Eatery
Travail Kitchen & Amusements
Haute Dish
Bar La Grassa
Cafe Lurcat
Restaurant Alma
Sea Change
Butcher & the Boar

All places I'd recommend.
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Butcher & The Boar is generally excellent - a bit inconsistent service of late but if you are a carnivore: icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
Piccolo- definitely would need advance reservations and not sure I'd drive down just for it.
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I'd throw Victory 44 into the mix as well. I try to make it there at least once every time I go home to visit the parents.

Enjoyed The Bachelor Farmer last time I was there as well.

It doesn't sound like you are there for long, but if you want to get some exercise while you are there, there is an awesome rock climbing gym that opened a new facility in Minneapolis recently.
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