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So, if I am supposed to let the Judy Bird sit on a plate uncovered in the fridge for a while before cooking, when should that change occur?

If the bird is going in the oven around 2PM tomorrow, should it get unwrapped late tonight? Or should I hold off until morning (which won't be a full 8 hours since I don't really want to wake up at 6AM).

Will be pulling to sit at room temp for at least an hour prior to roasting.
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I wouldn't skimp on the uncovered time- you might sacrifice skin crispness.
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What's late tonight? In case there's no smelly things in the fridge like strong cheese/salami etc, 12-14 hours should be fine too.
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er... happy thanksgiving to y'all in usa. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

and to all of you non-'murkans living nowhere near the united states nor have any ethnic/cultural connection to the united states save for the trips to that country eating applebees, shopping at the outlets and buying shit at walmart who are going to post your thanksgiving dinners on facebook complete with turkey that you don't even have a clue how to prepare - fuck you and your pretentious family.
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Yeah, I took it out of the bag a little bit ago at around 12:30 my time.

Tomorrow I have to figure out how to walk the uncooked bird like 3 blocks away...considering just running down the street with a raw turkey over my fist like a crazy person.
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hold it over your head with both arms, screaming incoherently about how its trying to get you.
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Last night's spread. Everything made fresh.













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the Manton bird. The bird was surprisingly small at 7.5 pounds.

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