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Thoughts on Frye Walter boot?

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Any thoughts on this boot?


Indy looks at half the price...made in USA. Why isn't this a forum favorite? Anyone know how it compares with the 1000 Mile boot or Red Wing offerings?
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I actually just ordered these from online after I got a 25% off promo code.  I'll let you know how it turns out!

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Please do. What site did you get the promo code for?
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It was Shoemall.com.  I called today to check on the order and it appears they're backordered.  I'm not holding my breath to get the shoes now.  


I really like the styling of the Walter and I'm buying them without trying them on.  If Shoemall falls through, I might just purchase them from the frye website.  I looked at the Alden Indy's but that's too much to pay for a pair of boots I'll wear so sporadically.  

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Hey DC!


I got the boots.  Excuse the pic as I was showing them off in the Watch Appreciation thread:



Anyways, this is my first pair of boots and I have to say they're really comfortable.  I wear a size 11 in dress shoes and went with the same size for these boots.  They are really comfortable out of the box.  I need to take them to a cobbler to get tapped and weatherized as much as possible.  I was thinking about the Alden Indy boot, but I don't wear them enough to justify spending that much on boots.  Like I said, I got these for about 228 on Shoemall.com.  The site is a little "iffy," but I got my shoes and that's all that matters.  Maybe you'll see me around DC wearing them!

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Bumping this thread rather than making a new one.  I'm looking for a pair of cowhide boots (something more rugged than my calfskin Allen Edmonds options) to wear in light rain and so forth.  Being in NYC, I've had the chance to see just about every boot out there in person.


I'm torn between the Frye Walter and the moc-toe version of the Wolverine 1000 Mile (Indys would be ideal, but I'm not paying $500 for something that I'm buying solely to mistreat in ways I wouldn't AEs).  I prefer the style and price of the Frye, but I don't know nearly as much about the quality of the leather in comparison to chromexcel.


Can dblin or someone else who has had these for a while comment on how they hold up to minor scratches, rain, etc.?


Edit: Also, should I size down a half size on them, as with Red Wings and Wolverines, or are they TTS?

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does anyone else here own this boot? I'm curious if the fit is similar to the Indy boot or if it's more or less true to size. I'd like to get more opinions on the fit and quality of this boot. I'm assuming it's goodyear welted?
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I've owned a pair of Frye Walter boots for a little under one year and found them of excellent quality.  The leather is thick and the sole is sturdy and protective.  I had a cobbler install Topy rubber soles to ensure they gripped well in damp or slippery conditions.


I have been happy with the purchase and would recommend them to anyone.  By the way, I should mention that I once owned a pair of Alden Indy boots that I liked (especially the sole,) but I liked the Frye Walters better.  I have since sold the Indy's on ebay ...



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