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Please help me buy a briefcase

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I'm sure there are other threads, but I would appreciate your guys' input on helping me buy a briefcase.

I'm a lawyer and would really like either a doctor's bag or soft leather briefcase. I sort of have a preference for soft leather bags that also have a shoulder strap, but not necessary at all. I need enough space for a computer, papers and maybe a pocket or two for organizing (do not need something super organized). Very interested in high quality products but unwilling to go to eyepopping Valextra prices. Probably $1000 or less budget. Black or brown is fine, but I don't want light brown. Nothing flashy.

If it's any help, I appreciate design and materials very much. For reference, I like a lot of SZ brands but not into the ninja styling (for myself). Obviously this has nothing to with a briefcase, but thought it might help. Not looking for, like, a Ferragamo or Gucci bag.

I can post some pictures as guideposts, but any and all suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you!
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Hey, I'm in the same boat, lawyer looking for a good briefcase. I'm searched this site and there seems to be rather sparse advice on this matter (other than: get a Swaine Adeney).

One maker I've seen recommended here and who works at a very reasonable price point is Henry Tomkins Leather in the UK. Far under the $1k budget but a bag made of genuine vegetable tanned leather -- I think it's going to be my first briefcase buy.
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See Pickett, and Papworth, Sage Brown. All within your budget.
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Henry Tompkins (UK) wil probably be able to make you what you want and you will be pleased with the product and pricei. I am a customer of his, no other connection.

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Theres a chap whose a member here called thebagmaker or somehing similar whose work looks good - might be worth looking him up
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Robe di Firenze. Very affordable, around 400 USD. Just check out they have a pretty large selection.

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