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Mastai Ferretti vs. Corneliani shirts?

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I'm shopping for some new shirts and came across some Mastai Ferretti shirts on Yoox. I've never heard of them before. I searched this forum and the web but haven't found anything that really talks about the fit and quality of MF shirts.


For reference, I have a couple of Corneliani Trend shirts that fit me perfectly and I'd like to find something with a similar tapered/modern fit. The MFs are about half the price and look like they're darted like the Trends and seem to taper quite a bit, but the descriptions on the Yoox site are pretty generic and uninformative about measurements and country of origin. Here's an example. How does MF compare to Corneliani Trend?


Also, are all MF shirts made in Italy or do they make some of their lower-end stuff elsewhere?


Many thanks guys!

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I don't have any Corneliani, but with respect to MF, I can say that I haven't seen any not made in Italy. They usually run slim and most have darts in the back, but they are not overly slim.
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Mastai Ferretti is a label made by SAITT, an Italian company but with factories in Romania, where many if not the majority of their shirts are made. Even the shirts that are "Made in Italy" are pretty much made in Romania, then finished in Italy. They're good shirts - great fit. Most of the fitted shirts with the darts are the B115 model. Quite fitted. Not sure how they are relative to Corneliani Trend though...
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I have a lot of MF shirts. I have bought quite a few from yoox. The only Corneliani shirts I have have been bought in London from the flalgship store. Not trend, mainline.
I'd say all the MF I have bought from yoox are slim fitting. Actually there is not a lot of excess fabric.
Corneliani are a slightly fuller fit. However, not that much. I'd presume a Corneliani bought from yoox should be similar if it has darts.

I'd say if you want a slim, figure hugging shirt go with the darted MF. For a slightly more fuller fit, un darted MF.
The corneliani, in my experience, would fit roughly the same as an un darted MF.
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