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Coco Chanel & Valentino Homes

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Below are two videos I created detailing the homes and interior design of two of my favourite designers. They are wonderful places which show that they have more than just sartorial genius. 


I hope you enjoy...



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And YSL's homes in Paris and Marrakech...


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The Valentino stuff was far too chintzy/eurotrashy for my tastes, but the YSL homes are just stunning, and the Chanel flat is just an amazing time capsule - it's a very clear inspiration for YSL's in Paris.

Keep'em coming, plz? They're very well done, kudos.
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Thank you for posting. Very interesting.
There is a very long version of YSL homes made by his boyfriend as pre-auction advertisement a few years back. It seem that YSL loved to collect high quality items but had no preferences or particular theme in his acquisition, thus when his stuff was auctioned it was a complete smorgasbord of everything , sort of like Elizabeth Gardner collection YSL edition.

Coco's apartment looks to me like a recent rebuilt with some pieces that are truly period and probably belonged to her and some are just random flee-market junk placed by museum curator..
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What is the point of these? You take copyrighted material from various sources, recut it and label it "created by Bellis Vintage"?


if you want to share your love of their work/lifestyle why not just have a blog and link to the source material?



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I do have a blog - - where I share the things I love.


However I do enjoy compiling videos through YouTube. All art is seen through a personal lens - that is why the same object, whether that be a movie or photograph, is different to each person. I enjoy the differences, seeing through another's eyes, and it seems some members of this forum enjoy that to. 

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I didn't realize this was art.


You're not the only guy ripping off ... sorry, honouring other people's work, but at the very least link to the source material. Especially in the case of The Last Emperor cutdown.



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