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Casual shoes (limited availability in my country)

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Hello, I am starting this thread because I have many dillemas about chosing my  shoes. The major problem I have is limited availability in my country along with inexperience. 

Background story is: worn exclusively sneakers whole my life with jeans of course, except when I was wearing a suit on weddings, graduation etc. I am 26 btw.

Lately I bought 2 sportcoats: one blue-gray and a navy blazer, a couple of chinos, and I have alot of button down shirts, some cardigans, that I would like to wear with this shoes.


I am a bit sceptical about buying online because I dont know how to choose a proper size, and alot of the shops arent delivering to my country. 

Budget is 250$.

Here are examples of some shoes available in my country... They are pretty cheap, I dont like them quite a lot, but couldnt find anything better for now- 


ANY suggestions greatly appreciated...



Is this boot too casual for a blazer and/or chinos?

Too casual because of the sole?

Chukka boot but not really nice looking??! I dont dig the sole...

I feel this is pretty bad quality, but whatever..


There are some more available, like Aldo, Zara, H&M, that type of stuff but nothing near the likes of AE, Loakke, Meermin and that type of quality.

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A new mensimageconsultant guideline: If you have to ask if it's too casual, it probably is.

The last pair shown looks best and has versatility, regardless of quality.

As for suggestions, well, the country is, the shoe size is...?
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Thans for the answer on my question, and the country is Croatia, the shoe size is european 41 or 42 depending on the maker I guess...

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Take the ferry to Italy. You're a lot better off then many people in small town North America.
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