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Originally Posted by marvin100 View Post

Goo doesn't always have everything on the menu--usually the server has a list of what's available. I don't know about other mains, but they have great sides.

Goo @ 7, followed by Coffee Bar K sounds great. K in Gangnam, not Hannam, I assume?

We are moving the meet chat to here:

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I've been in Seoul for about a week now. Interesting place. Staying in Yeoksam which is pretty wild at night; eating in local places which has been fine in the main. I'm here for another week, and may venture further afield, maybe even Isabelle's or Goo.
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Welcome to Seoul! Have you visited Samcheong-dong (Anguk Station, Line 3, then head north) already? You might find Garosugil interesting, too, which you can find near Sinsa Station. Or come visit us at www.zimmermannkim.com/en/shopinfo.php for a coffee on Saturday or from Tuesday next week.

Have a nice weekend
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