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Been spending a lot of time in Coffee Bar K, Bar Sahm, and Speakeasy the last couple months, and I've come all the way round to my original assessment: I like Speakeasy best. Maybe I'd feel differently if I liked more complex cocktails (K seems to be a ginormous hit with Japanese women), and I admit K has the better whisky selection, but Speakeasy is a cooler place to while away a few hours in ones cups and the selection suits my tastes nicely. Drank Uigeadaill last night, only the second time I've had it outside my own home (first was in Singapore some years ago) and left a happy man. It's also a little less spendy than K, not that great imported whisky is ever a deal here haha.

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Alright. So meet up in mid March? Marvin, Ryoneo, myself, I think impolyt_one (don't know if he's in Japan or Korea)...I think there are a few others. Ides 'o' March?

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March 11, 12, 14 are all great for me. Could do 15th, but I'll have to hold back as I have something the following morning.


Really hope this happens! I promise my personal style or lack thereof will make you all look much cooler than usual by comparison.

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The 15th is good. Where did you guys have in mind?
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Speakeasy or K >:)

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Wednesday night or Friday night would be best. Friday for obvious reasons (don't have to get up early on Saturdays). Friday mornings are pretty stressful days, so Thurs night wouldn't be good. What about the 22nd if the 15th isn't good for you?


Down for K. Steaks first?

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15th is far better for me than the 22nd. Sounds like Fri the 15th is best all around. Steaks work for me.

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16th is also alright if you have plans that morning. Friday, I get off work at 6 but can probably duck out early, so the other option is early dinner, early drinks, etc.
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Friday the 15th would be the best. How many members are confirmed?
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I suspect you, marvin and I are showing up for sure. Others I do not know. impolyt_one is in timeout for being impolite, but I think he lives in Gangnam.


Isabelle's or Goo Steak 528?

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I heard good things about Isabelle's. There anything else besides steak?
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Friday the 15th is good. Goo is better than Isabelle's, imo, but it's really annoying when they start cranking bad trance music (around 10? maybe we'll have moved on by then...)


I'll be ready to meet by 7 or so.

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Alright, so Goo at 7 then Coffee Bar K?

Looked at the menu; Goo is a bit cheaper than I expected. 90 bucks for 400g isn't too bad. I am sure they have other things besides steak as well; I know Isabelle's does.
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You guys think it's better to start a new thread with an appropriate title so other members might know?

I'm down for the steak house.
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Goo doesn't always have everything on the menu--usually the server has a list of what's available. I don't know about other mains, but they have great sides.


Goo @ 7, followed by Coffee Bar K sounds great. K in Gangnam, not Hannam, I assume?

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