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Shoe repair advice

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Hi Forum,

I am writing to you today to seek your advice on a particular shoe issue that I have.

I own quite a few pairs of shoes made in the driving shoe style (i.e. where the shoe toe cap area goes beyond the actual rubber sole(s). I am not sure if it's because of my walking style, but every pair that I own have very roughed up leather areas right between the bottom sole and tip of the toe. A couple of my shoes now have a horizontal split in the leather in the problem area I specified. Kind of like a mouth that is slightly open. This is quite unsightly as the condition of the shoes is actually pretty good, with the exception of the said problem areas.

For those that know what I am going through, how do you fix it? Or do I need to throw the shoes out?

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Photos please.
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A reputable cobbler can add patches to the areas. They would thin out the edges of the patches so they would hardly be noticed. Also, they would add an extended tip to prevent it from occuring again.
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