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How soft are Dainite?

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Hi I've recently bought my first pair of 'proper shoes', Wallace from Barkers in burgundy. My question is that the leather sole seems to be relatively comfortable but when I resole it in the future and I choose to have some Dainites installed how much softer (if it is) would it be? Also do you have any other softer alternative other than: dainite, vibram, commando, crepe etc... 




  • I prefer softer soles
  • the current ones are single leather soled
  • they are goodyear welted


Thanks in advanced :)

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Dainite isn't soft and it wears like iron. It will even wear longer than leather.
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A single leather sole is imo the most comfortable, of the man made materials the Dainites have always felt to me - the stiffest.
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Hi thanks for the welcome and reply. :)


In that case would you have any recommendations for softer soles that I could try?


Also does dainites become more flexible upon repeated use like the leather soles?


Again thanks in advance.

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Dainite's quite hard but softens up a little with repeated wear - it grips really well in general but careful going from wet streets to dry laminate floor... It's tough too so works great as a value for money all rounder sole


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Thank you all very much for your replies I think I will go for the old school dainite soles for their first resoling. :)

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