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Great cordovan boot shootout

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to revamp my style for a multiday event happening in 2 weeks time.


I'm looking for a bold, elegant but not too formal, not too rugged boot that pairs well with denim and a navy peacoat or a ToJ black lamb bomber worn on top of an OCBD or a tee.


What would you get?


I've limited my options to this cordovan boots, but I'm open to other suggestions, including non-cordovan ones.


Unluckily I cannot try any of these personally, so it's gonna be a blind purchase.




Carmina Forest in cognac Horween Chromexcel


Beautiful proportions, and top notch construction. On the minus side, I can only get it with leather sole (bad for Scandinavian winter). I might be able to get the same one with a Dainite sole in natural cordovan, but that's perhaps too bright to pair up with my bomber?





Tricker's in Japanese burgundy cordovan


Some report that Japanese cordovan is significantly inferior to Horween's, and has a plasticky look. The boot looks less stylish than the Carmina one, but still beautiful. The burgundy color might be better to pair up with the bomber?




Alden Indy in burgundy Horween Chromexcel


A really nice color in an iconic boot. I've never seen an Indy personally, so I don't know what my final reaction would be, but to me it looks less elegant that the other options—yet very nice. Perhaps a Tanker or a Ravello would be a better option, but I haven't found any in Europe. I can use proxies in the US, though.




Viberg 1950 in black Horween Chromexcel


Rugged, but still midly elegant. I haven't been able to track other cordovan colors different than black without getting a white Vibram sole as well.

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Carminas will be the nicest.
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