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Suit Needed for Wedding in December - I'm Heading to New York

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I need a suit for a wedding. I need to have it by the first week of December I’m a little less than 3 hours from New York. I have $700.00 to spend on the suit. This will be my restart as I lost a bit of weight. Nothing fits anymore but it wasn’t all that great anyhow. I’m thinking a darker blue suit as it will be a beginning. I feel blue would be more versatile. I was thinking of grey but I’m not sure of grey for a wedding. I wanted something crisp and well fitting that can be accessorized well.

I’m looking for:
Fully Canvassed
Functional buttonholes
More of a modern fit but not too progressive
Two Buttons
Medium wide lapels
Center Vented - double vents will do
Flat Front - Medium Slim Trousers

I’m looking at driving to Suit Supply, Century 21, Hickey Epaulet and any other place that someone may recommend in New York City or close by. I’m willing to drive to one of the outlets if anyone feels that I might have some success. I’m usually a 46R. Also I’m looking for a couple of sport coats and pocket squares.but they aren't the priority.

Can this be done for the price in your opinion?

Any additional suggestions??

K. Nezz
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Gonna be very tough to get that in your price range with that timeline, depending on how set you are on the full canvas part. Kent Wang might be able to accommodate that timeline, but it would certainly be tight I'd think. Suitsupply would probably be a good option, but their full canvas is more like 1k, and I dont think they sell anything with a center vent. It might be possible to find a southwick or samuelsohn on sale that would cover all your bases, but chances are slim that it would be a solid staple suit. Good luck in your search.
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Well I might have to make that $1,000.00 and 1/3 of my cash for shoes not by the Carmina shoes.I will just wear a pair that I already have. Any other options now that I'm willing to spend $1K ?

When I looked at a few suits on the Suit Supply web site I thought they said canvassed.. I will look a little closer.
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SuitSupply's RTW stuff is half-canvassed. You sound new to suits- I'd recommend going with Suitsupply for the fit & price, and it has most of what you seek. I'd recommend Kent Wang made-to-measure, but it's too late for that.
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I looked this up and hope it helps you in NY

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give up the desire for full canvas . Half canvas suit will be just fine in quality.
forget the working buttonholes. those are a unnecessary extra.

Try Rothmans's on park ave south and 18th st.
Sarar. on madison ave and 46th st.

if you are coming from upstate, try woodbury commons.
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I hope I'm not being crass in suggesting this as something for your consideration?
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Thank you for taking the time out to make a suggestion.
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