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Boots by Herring - Advices

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I am new to "real" shoes and will appreciate some advises here. Thanks in advance.
I want to buy some boots and after reading many threads and viewing a lot of shoes web site I selected 2 models that I like from Herring (not too cheap, not too expensive for my budget, my first buy and apparently with decent quality).


Here they are :

Herring Keswick
(inspired by/look like C&J Conniston)


Herring Stratford



(Some aditionnal images can be found here : http://www.styleforum.net/t/132935/thoughts-on-herring-loake-stratford-boots#post_2371633 )


I like them both, they are close shape but different leather, different sole size and made of (rubber/leather) and for what I saw, the Keswick look kind of "heavier" (country boots).

I would like to see them worn to figure out how they really look like on someone foot.

Searching C&J Conniston pictures with people wearing it was easy as this model is very popular and appreciated. So I have my idea on how it looks like. But what about the Stratford model ? I would appreciate if you can show me or redirect me to some pictures of people wearing very close shoes as those to compare.

I will order those shoes from France without trying them in a shop, that 's why I'm asking for your thankfull help.


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Hi there, I still can't figure out, any help ? shog[1].gif

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