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Need a Double Monk Primer

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Dear All,

Thanks to my lurking on this site, I've decided that I simply cannot do without a pair of double monks.

There are hundreds of posts and threads here, many with drool-worthy photos of various examples of these shoes, so what I was hoping (and do excuse me, if such a thread already exists) was to get some of the mass of information aggregated here.

What would you all say was the "ladder of brands" for double monks (and example prices, if you have them)?

So far, I've found them made by Loake, Herring, Lobb, EG, C&J. Presumably, Church's, G&G and Trickers and a host of others would also do them?

Am facinated in reading your comments on these various brands' offers in the double monk department and being able to compare them and others side by side, based on the wealth of knowledge and experience here.

Am primarily actually interested in a pair in black to begin with but knowing me, would most likely end up with some in brown instead, so don't let any colour limitations stop you posting something.

Many thanks - Looking forward to reading your posts.

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Have a look at this series of posts from Die Workwear. I found it very useful when I went shopping for a pair.




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I'm a fan of Lobb's William II. I recently bought a pair in black, and love them. I also have Lobb's William in both black and brown, but like the William II better.
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PS I recently bought the EG Westminster in black on the 888 last. Love 'em.





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John Lobb Wallace in dark brown museum and black museum...just get them.

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