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post #16 of 21 you enjoy Formula 1 racing by any chance?

This is a great thread for us Aussies looking for suits. I like my CR suits but have only been willing to pay for them during the free-pant-with-jacket deals. I wouldn't pay $800-$850 for them. Then again I've only just started working so I wouldn't (i.e. couldn't) pay that much for many suits anyway.

I have a Rhodes & Beckett 150s suit that fits really nicely and have gotten many compliments. The service there is great too, for the price.

Do any of you have any recommendations for good suits that have a nice slim cut for around $500-$700? Satch suits fit me very well, and although they're not in the same galaxy as other suit brands, I just like how they fit me.
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Re Henry Bucks

Their own ties which must be made by someone like Zegna going on the quality and have always been top value in the sales. This year they were a little disappointing and HB's needs to get a rethink going in some areas. I had a friend buy a suit on sale for his wedding and the service was good and prompt especially from the senior guy Cyril.
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Originally Posted by Confucius View Post you enjoy Formula 1 racing by any chance?
where did that come from? PMed you in case the internet is a small place...

Do any of you have any recommendations for good suits that have a nice slim cut for around $500-$700? .

Where are you?

If Melb, then I picked up a couple suits at The Suit Box on Toorak Rd (which I think is gone now, but IIRC they had a store in the city too). Good value at around that price. Have full canvased lines there too (pricier of course).
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Sorry yes I'm in Melbourne.
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I was a Suit Box regular for many years before I emigrated. They did disappear some time between 2002-2004 when I was OS. They used to have a tiny little space in the Paris End of Collins St, which is where the name came from, I think. They used to carry pretty good fabric at that money. Dormeuil and Zegna, for example. I remember picking up a Zegna fabric suit there for just a few hundred, but that was about 10 years ago.
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I have seen some nice suits around recently in the $600 price range. Sportscraft have a nice middle/dark grey Prince of Wales at that price. Not the best wool, but not bad. Gunn & Moore have a couple of things in, and CR's whole range is reasonable looking and seems a little trimmer this season.

In Adelaide, there's a new store on Norwood Parade, just West of CR whose name escapes me, who have a large range of suits around the $1200 price, at which price they're silly, but a couple of times a year they have half price sales, and then you have some serious value there.

Myers have new Pierre Cardigans in. A 2-pant suit is around $599 and they fabrics are reasonable. Not sure about cut, but was impressed by the new seasons colours and patterns. I'm thoroughly sick of really dark suits or anything but the subtlest pinstripes.

Of course, as has been pointed out, none of that really compares with some of the bargains you can pick up on-line at Sierra Trading Post or on ebay, but many of us are not entirely comfortable with spending sizable amounts without being able to try it on. I have bought jackets on line several times (Canali x 2, Boss, lovely Loro Piani cashmere tailored in Canada), but haven't quite been brave enough to try a suit yet.

On Joseph Uzumcu, something about that store just puts me off and I find it hard to cross the threshold. The only local tailor I know well is Terry Gasson, as I had an office in the Adelaide Arcade for some years. He's a lovely bloke, and what I've seen of his tailoring impresses me, but I'm usually not that cashed up and have this congenital attraction for the 'bargain' that tends to keep me at sales or on-line rather than at tailors.

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