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For Sale:
Zam Barret Minimalist J Pant - sz 48

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Picked these up from eckblk a few months ago. Wore them about four or five times, washed twice. As far as I know eckblk didn't wear them much and they're in pretty good condition. Worth noting that one of the buttons is a little loose, though that's a very easy fix. Also there is a small bit of white paint on the lower right leg, though it's hardly noticeable when worn.


Heavy painters canvas, "raw" hems, metal belt loop, awesome stacking. Waist is about 17" aligned, rise is about 11.5", hem is about 7.25". Fits true. Roomy thighs, nice taper.


Ship free with USPS priority tot he US and Canada. I can get a quote for international. Paypal with gift or 4%.