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Hi first post here just wanted to know about these jeans.


Bought them from here


I put some pictures up in that listing.



Then I bought another pair from a different seller and they are different. Different stitching in lots of places, different patch at the back like these...


Which ones are the real Levis and does the stitching have to go over the red line/square as it does on one of them.

The V shape of the back pockets is different too, middle of the V has a bigger angle on one pair and steeper curve, different on other pairs but I'm seeing different shapes on big well known clothing websites too.

Got some shrink to fits and they have the same patch as the 2nd picture but with curve ribbon where it says original riveted like the first patch.


Also the latest pair I bought are meant to be 36L but measure only 35L, what' up with that, they are tighter around the ankle too and just tighter in general although they 1" smaller in waist (32 - 31).


Ones made in Mexico the other Egypt so maybe that's why? Not bothered about the money that much just want to know if they're real.


Look at this online store,


The back patch looks totally different I don't get it, is that normal.


which back pocket V is the real deal?




Flat like this or




More obtuse angle like that?