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Vastrm Fashion - Official Affiliate Thread

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Hello SF!


I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jonathan Tang and I am the founder of Vastrm. Vastrm is privileged to be joining the StyleForum community.


For those not familiar with Vastrm, we are a growing company in menswear based out of Burlingame, California. Vastrm and StyleForum have similar philosophies regarding clothing. We believe fit is one of the most important aspects of how someone presents themselves. What someone wears is secondary to how the piece of apparel fits. Standardized sizes make it difficult however for casual wear to fit correctly. We have bypassed this by offering custom fitting and a home try-on program. This allows for the ability to make individual adjustments to our apparel.


The modern menswear industry seems a bit arbitrary with clothing companies deciding which colors and designs the customer can choose from. At Vastrm, we are trying to put “custom” back into customer. If you take a look at our website, you will notice how someone can create a truly unique polo shirt. This is accomplished by selecting any combination of fabric, collar/cuff style, pocket options, side vent preference, button type and placket accent.  Or you can always check out our own curated designs.

We would love to work with StyleForum and create an exclusive design for the community. If you would be interested, we could work with a variety of fabrics, colors and construction types. Vastrm could even create a customized logo to embroider on these shirts. If you have a suggestion, let us know and we can create some designs that can be voted on here.


Although Vastrm specializes in men’s polos, we are growing quickly with new apparel coming to our online store in the near future. If you have any questions regarding Vastrm, feel free to post them here or contact us directly at warriors@vastrm.com. Other Vastrm team members and I will be posting regularly and we are looking forward to participating!



700   700



Website: http://www.vastrm.com

Email: warriors@vastrm.com







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I am quite interested in seeing how this develops.


Being in Australia doesn't help.

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Hi Michael - Thanks for the post.  We are working on solutions for Europe and Australia.  DM us at warriors@vastrm.com and maybe we can get you trying our fit types sooner.  

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Hey everyone.  Vastrm will be having a Black Friday special on the 23rd. Let us know what you think and Happy Thanksgiving!






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Hello all,


Due to the high demand, we decided to extend our black polo offer into cyber monday.  Hope you can all take advantage and check us out through this special offer!  Enjoy the rest of your Sundays!  Visit our site to check it out!






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We would love to make a design that is unique for StyleForum. We could work with a variety of fabrics, colors and construction types and Vastrm could even design a custom logo for the shirt. Let us know what you think and what you'd like to see on a custom fitted polo?


Here are a couple of our current designs:







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Well, Jonathan sent me out 2 Vastrm polos. One in an XS 'Sport Fit' and one in a Small 'Slim Fit'. Both polos fit excellently. The cuts are slightly different - the sport fit has a longer and looser sleeve, but is tighter around the waist, shoulders and chest. It really depends on what look you want to go with on the day, but I think the wearer can sport both looks and have a bit of variation in presentation.


The collar was a self fabric with 4 buttons in a lacoste mesh. They are superior polos in both construction and feel, which is clearly designed for hot weather or worn whilst playing sport. These are better than Polo Ralph Lauren and certainly better than Cotton On. I should really buy a Kent Wang and Sunspel polo to compare with, but to be honest, I am not interested at all; these are great polos as is.


I have submitted another order of three polos ($280), making sure to try different weaves, sleeve hems, collar types and the wicking technology.


The last added touch is the impeccable relationship that is fostered by Jonathan with his customers. He is knowledgeable and generous - what more could you ask for?


The only thing I would suggest is for there to be better pictures and colors on the web.

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Hi Jonathan,

Just wanted to welcome you to the community.


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Thanks Fok!  Happy to be here!

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Thanks Michael!  We are super happy to hear your review!  

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We are now offering sizes from XS - 4XL. 





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Hey SF,


We are starting our site wide holiday sale today.  Hope you can use this as an opportunity to check us out!  







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Where the hell is everybody?


Is there no one else from SF that has tried Vastrm?

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Hey SF!  


We would like to offer $10 gift cards to the first 100 SF members that email us at warriors@vastrm.com.  Put in the subject: "SF $10 gift card" and we will email you a code to redeem on our site.  This can be used in conjunction with our current holiday sale!   Hope some of you can take advantage of this to try us out!  


Happy Holidays!



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Hey SF.   We’ve gotten to know the community more in these last few weeks and we hope to share any information that you may be interested in regarding Vastrm. 


One aspect of Vastrm that is unknown to some of our customers is our manufacturing process.  Vastrm is a believer in sustainability and clean production.  Our manufacturers participate in WWF’s Low Carbon Manufacturing Program.  This is accomplished through proper waste recycling, exhaust emission management and energy efficient procedures and construction.


Being one of two apparel manufacturers to join the worldwide road testing of Greenhouse Gas Protocol Initiative, WRI, our manufacturer is capable of reporting carbon emission of a garment on a cradle-to-grave basis. It provides impetus to management to go beyond measurement and begin looking for opportunities to reduce emissions along the supply chain. The products are provided with higher transparency and greater environmental accountability.


As one of the founding members of Sustainable Fashion Business Consortium (SFBC), our manufacturer is the first pioneer to promote environmental issues and the concept of sustainability in the textile and apparel industry. Today this organization continues to be on the cutting edge of leading green initiatives.

Our facilities also include waste water treatment plant, exhaust emission scrubber and electrostatic precipitator for cooking fumes are installed to minimize the level of pollutants and meet certain standards.


Establishing a green supply chain is our priority, but this has no impact on our manufacturing quality. Our factory also manufactures for companies such as Burberry, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, Givenchy, Hugo Boss, J. Crew, L.L.Bean, Nordstrom, Patagonia, and Tommy Hilfiger.




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