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I currently have relatively medium length hair and when styled right they can look really good. The problem is that not every day is a good "hair" day. The factors that matter are how wet my hair are when I style them (after a shower), when the last time I shampooed my hair, etc. When I go a day or two without shampooing my hair, because of perhaps the grease or natural oils, the hair stick together better and just have this thickness about them. This makes it easier to style and they actually stay styled. But when I shampoo, they become soft and don't stay 'styled' when I go outside. One gust of wind and the hair are all messy.

Also, when I comb up my hair, tiny hair just where my front hairline is, just dangle and that doesn't make for a clean look. Does this make sense?

Is there something I can do? Like use wax or something? I was thinking about gel but I don't like the 'gelled' look.

Any ideas?