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Brit shoe brands recommendation

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I would like to get a pair of my first British oxfords (in black) for under $300.  In that price range, I've been looking at Alfred Sargents (classic collection), Herrings (classic), Loake (1880), Barker (through Herrings, professional, or maybe the handcrafted collection), Cheaney (Isis).  I've read countless threads debating the quality of various brands but I can't seem to find a consensus so I thought I'd post links to a few specific shoes I'm considering to get the opinion of someone whose better informed than I.  Can you guys rate these brands or make other recommendations?


And here are some of the specific shoes I was looking at. 

























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I would go with a simple, black captoe without any fancy details. I know it's tempting, but a plain shoe is so much more versatile, especially since this is your first. As for quality, I would say that the are about the same when you're in that price range, no major differences. I personally only have experience with Barker in that price range, and they are entirely OK, if nothing special. For you're list, the Herring Mayfair, Loake Aldwych, Alfred Sargent Epsom or Cheaney Isis looks like your best bets and I don't think you go wrong with either or these.
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First or last link. AS & Cheaney are both good makers - better than Loake and Barker in my opinion.
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Barker's Arnold model - http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=2&shoeid=281 is a decent starting point; however, if you can Cheaney's Isis model - http://www.andersonsofdurham.com/en/mens-shoes/cheaney-shoes/cheaney-isis.html, that would be my choice.
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The consensus seems to be on Cheaney.  As I understand it, VAT should be excluded from the final price (correct?).  I've read somewhere that there is also some kind of an import fee that the delivery company may charge after the item is shipped, before they deliver the shoes.  Is that right?

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If you like buying a shoe that the "consensus" approves of, why not just pay $150 more for C&J Westbournes/Hallams?
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That's out of my budget.  Plus at that price wouldn't I be better off buying something like this:  http://www.carmina.telemaco.es/articulo.asp?idarticulo=3640202   or


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I have the Barker Lincoln from the hand grade collection and I'm happy with them. They're sleeker than many of Barker's other models, although it has to be said, not quite as elongated as they appear in your photo. Beware the Goodrich model, it's not true to size. I ordered them in my normal size and my feet swam in them, they were at least a full size too big.




Also avoid the Loake Churchill, it's very wide around the forefoot and ugly to boot.

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