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Originally Posted by ballmouse View Post

Pants length seem fine. However, if you wanted to get the opening to sit lower, you would need to increase the width of your leg opening (adding length would make the break excessive).

Thanks for the suggestion. But I thought once they tapered the pants, if they increase the width of the length opening, won't that make show with a flare bottom?

The good news is the salesman actually emailed me back asking me to come back in to alter the sleeve length. I'm going to ask him to also tighten the waist as I'm finding myself always pulling my pants up (even with the belt on). This is causing the pants to drop and also pool and look sloppy.
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Yes, and then you would need to widen the rest of the trouser until the flare (if there is one) is no longer apparent. However, I was saying that in terms of a future commission rather than altering your current one, although I suppose that would be possible depending how much fabric is available.

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Pants look good to me too.
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pant length really couldn't get much better.
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Trying them on again last night, I think part of the problem (for me anyway) is where they sit on my waist, they seem to slip down (even with a belt on). This causes me to hike my pants up when walking, so when I hike them up too much, obviously the shorter length is more evident.

I'm seeing them again on monday to a) shorten the sleeve length and b) tighten the waist a bit, as I prefer my pants to be snug enough to hold up on their own withous using a belt. Even when using the belt, they aren't staying put where I want them to be.
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Just wondering how you made out with your alterations. Are you happy with the final product? Any other comments on the overall experience?

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