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New Suit, Shoes?

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Hello everyone. Been browsing these forums for a while but finally joined up.


To preface this post: I am absolutely hopeless when it comes to fashion so sorry if I've made some big mistakes anywhere along the line, but here we go:


I recently had a suit made for me from a tailor that I know. It fits and looks wonderful, but now I need to go that extra step and get shoes, belts, shirts etc.


A couple of questions: Firstly, what colour shoes are acceptable? I know black is stock and safe but I was thinking more of a chocolate brown? My suit is like a dark charcoal colour. Should I then ensure that my shoes, belts etc are all the same colour? So if I get chocolate coloured shoes do I need a chocolate coloured belt?


I really like the look of these shoes but like I said I know little to nothing about this kind of stuff so are these shoes acceptable? Like the style and everything? And is Aquila a good brand?


I'm in Adelaide as well if that helps. Thank you for all of your help in advance.

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You should check out the Styleforum 101 on shoes.  You may also want to search something like "first shoes" or "first pair of shoes" or "starter shoes".  

The reason this thread is not getting a lot of interest is that it is a topic that has been done thousands of times on this forum, and most people just ignore these posts.  If you want to get answers to questions, you should try reading Styleforum 101 and searching the forum before posting a thread; unless it is something very eclectic or special.

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That thread doesn't say nearly enough about the basics.

The shoes look okay. However, an important point to remember is construction. Goodyear-welted or Blake-stitched usually indicates decent quality. The pair in the picture doesn't mention that; such an omission usually means glued, which generally should be avoided.

Belts and shoes do not need to match in color. Some similarity within the same color family probably is always okay, and sometimes it is fine for the belt to be an unusual, unrelated color. Less often is a strange color okay for the shoes. Chocolate brown with charcoal ought to be okay for informal daytime situations (not many court appearances or most interviews).
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