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NYT: Hip-Hop Comes to Men’s Wear

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Unlikely as it may seem, the long hip-hop-slang-filled poems in this book are a hypertrophied form of what’s become the de facto way of discussing men’s fashion on the Internet for a generation that learned about Lardini and Isaia from street-style Web sites, and whose fashion enthusiasm began not in Milan or at F.I.T., but from watching Kanye West videos.






THAT’S partly the case. “The Internet was a safe space for guys who were into clothes,” said Jian DeLeon, a style writer at Complex, who traces the movement back pre-Tumblr to men’s style messageboards like StyleforumHypebeast and Superfuture. The slang that teenagers used there to talk about their favorite sneakers and T-shirts stuck even when the teenagers grew up and the objects of desire evolved, he said.
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“Did it birth #menswear?” Mr. Schlossman asked, before answering his own question: “Kanye shrug!” He then made the gesture popularized by Mr. West that loosely translates to: “I hate to have to be the one to say it, but it’s pretty obvious.”

jesus christ there are really people like this
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"That means there can be a loud collective cheer from the Tumblr-verse when the two worlds collide, as when ASAP Rocky ends up on the cover of Jalouse, or an interlude on Rick Ross’s recent “Rich Forever” mix tape that mentioned Tod’s loafers and cashmere socks. “You have no idea how many Tumblr people felt legitimized by that one skit,” Mr. DeLeon said."

Was this meant to be serious?
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