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oxford, moccasins

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I'm an undergrad student, but really sick of Sperrys. Everyone has a pair. Moreover, I think that weariing them with socks just doesn't look right.


I do like the look and comfort of Sperrys, so I am searching for a comparable shoe that CAN be worn with socks.


So far, I have come up with two options: 1. The Oakstreet Oxford and 2. LL Bean Blucher Moc.


I think that the Oxford looks more versatile. i can wear it with khakis better, and it appears to be a shoe that definitely goes with socks. But could the Blucher Moc also work with socks? It's obviously a lot cheaper.


A final question-Does anyone know of cheaper Oxfords with a camp sole, just like the Oak Street version? I'm struggling to justify spending that much money on a shoe. 

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Check out Rancourt.
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