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Prime runway is FAKE !!! PICTURES...

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no serial number 2,734k .JPG file




box filled up with loads of papers 2,713k .JPG file




Made in Istambul not Itali !!! fake from Prime runway 2,693k .JPG file




Mostly glue, not stiches 2,773k .JPG file



Hi everyone,

Just recieve my pair of GUCCI shoes from PRIME RUNWAY.COM website, the price wa bit more so didnt think that it might be fake, but as soon as I recieved it I seen that the package came from Istambul, not Italy and the charge was made by US account. Then everything what I seen looked so fake, box, shoes, packaking, pls check out the pictures which I attached... The papar from box clearly says that the GUCCI shoes are made in Istambul in Turkey , see pictures...


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First of all, I have never heard of that website. Most people don't just enter their credit card information on some web page. I really hope you canceled that credit card as crazy charges will follow.

Secondly, that shoe is terrible--even for sneaker lovers. Why the hell would you buy that?
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It gets better. He entered his info into a website that he'd never heard of, and there's a SF thread on how that website is a scam.

Nico has now posted in that thread for all the future people who are thinking about sending their CC info to some unknown website.
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Thanks Nico. i almost put my credit card information into an unknown site but your thread stopped me.
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Fake Gucci shoes from some website that nobody has ever heard of. Nothing unusual here.
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Thank you guys for your reply, The main point of putting this info here is just to warn others about Prime Runway website and others which might be fake. But not gonna hang myself now as I dont give a sht  , but still want others to be carefull if they are'nt looking for a fake stuff..

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I wanna let everybody know that is SCAM!! I buy there some replica clothes 3 weeks ago, she said shipping time is 5-7 days. But after the payment the ignore me and the package never received. If I e-mail with a other e-mail adress she answer the same day so this site is scam!! DON'T BUT THERE
post #8 of 9 is FAKE !! There are SCAM
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Yes it is fake. I had the same problem with a Prada T shirt i bought, that came from istanbul as well. Avoid this site!!!!!

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