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I'm glad I'm circumcised, but I won't have my son circumcised if I have one.
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Originally Posted by LabelKing View Post
I understand that in the Scandinavian nations circumcision is largely uncommon, even in the past.

Indeed. I can't recall ever hearing about anyone being born here circumcised.
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Thanks tiecollector. That image made my day.
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Originally Posted by kwiteaboy View Post
I'm glad I'm circumcised, but I won't have my son circumcised if I have one.
Please explain this.
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For the love of God!
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I don't usually comment on stuff like this, since I don't generally care, but that picture is disgusting and inappropriate for this forum. Please remove it.
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First I do believe that nature has its purpose in everything. To think that we (humans) are just too damn smart and know how to improve the nature is simply dumb. Thus to cut a piece of foreskin or to remove appendice in all infants or to put infants heads in a square boxes to make their craniums square is just all manifestation of human idiocy.
Granted in the Middle Ages and earlier there were reasons circumcision was performed. Especially in regions with hot climate and lack of water the circumcision practice had hygienic application which became later a religious one (Jews/Muslims).
In today modern society (civilized nations) this practice is completely unnecessary.

Second, my cousin moved to Israel at an age of 25 and had to undergo circumcision procedure there. I asked him if it changed his sex life in any way. His answer was definite no and then he added if he had a choice he would've never done it.
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I had it done in 72. It's kind of a "Partial" job. No turtle-neck, but no full helmet either. Doesn't bother me..

I have 2 boys. 12 and 4. When the oldest was born, we did it. But when the youngest was born, we declined after we found that there was no real medical reason to perform it. Children spend 7+ months in a warm womb, only to be taken out and then poked and prodded then have their manhood messed with..

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I once knew a doctor who believed so strongly in circumcisions that he did them for free.....

....he just took tips.
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Good God -- this is REDUCED sensation?!?!?!?!
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I used to be a little embarrassed about not being circumcised when I was younger (H.S. days, etc.) but once you grow up it`s really no big deal. Since there really is no advantage to being circumcised, I think keeping it natural better.
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I have seen 3 or 4 of these, inlcuding my sons. although it doesn't look like fun, it really doesn't look that painful.

we did discuss not havign my son circumsised, for a very brief discussion. my wife's main point was that his pecker should look llike mine, for his sake. I felt it would make his life easier, later on.
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Uncut. Couldn't tell you why, really - I think mainly it's because I come from a Brasilian family and Catholics are generally uncircumcised.

Vis-a-vis hygiene, well, as long as you aren't a disgusting pig it stays perfectly clean.

Oh, and it makes quickies in the lighting booth a hell of a lot easier...
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It looks better, IMHO cut then not. This could be because mine is cut... Jon.
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I'm with all those who are for circumcision for the same health, hygiene etc. reasons. And, my wife (and other women I've known) have said they definitely prefer the circumcised penis.
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