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Originally Posted by Jumbie View Post
Phimosis. Another reason.

I listed it just so you could be wrong. Having said that, it's not common and I wouldn't circumcise unless it became a problem i.e. out of fear it would happen.

I think as long as a kid plays with his dick enough that won't be a problem.
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Aside from rare medical necessity, there are no sound reasons to remove any portion of one's body.
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It's pretty much unheard of for non-religious reasons (or medical necessity) on this side of the pond.
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Originally Posted by hopkins_student View Post
Circumcision is almost 100% protective for penile cancer.

Agreed. Let's also remove the breast buds of young girls. So they don't get breast cancer.

And remove our brains so as to avoid brain cancer.

And so on.
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Originally Posted by dkzzzz View Post
Women, by a wide margin, prefer the wholecuts to captoes.
Women, given the choice, prefer the wholecuts to captoes. Luckily, it´s just not a matter of a democratic election and it works out fine over here. Most of us wouldn´t grant women a say when it comes to our wardrobe. Why should they have a say on whether or not we are to mutilate our penis, then?
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