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Daks tops trousers anyone?

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I'm thinking about Daks tops for my next suit trousers -- no belt loops, no braces buttons. Has anyone doe this, did you like it and would you do it again? Buttons or buckles? Photos appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
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I might be wrong, but I think true Daks waistbands have an elastic band running across the back that's fastened on the sides w/ buttons. I have one pair like that, a couple w/ non-elastic button tabs and a few with buckle tabs. I like them all, particularly for suits, hot weather, or travel -- when I'd prefer not to wear a belt.
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As empty indicated, Daks is something specific. Side tabs with buckles are more common.

I think many people will associate Daks with some of the worse examples of trousers with elastic waistbands so I'd keep your intended audience in mind.
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I quite like my one suit whose trousers sport Daks tops. But I think its a look best left for more casual summer pieces, cords etc.


The majority of my trousers have side straps or an in-built belt.

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